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After countless hours of research, discussion & collaboration between the world’s leading diving and hyperbaric medical experts, several new dive medical forms are now available.


Hyperbaric Medicine Indications Manual, 15th Edition

Downloads Dive Medical Report

Download the latest Dive Medical Reports for divers and physicians. 

Downloads for Divers

Are you a physician? Think you might be evaluating someone’s fitness to dive? Take a look at the Diver Medical Physician’s Evaluation Form (to be completed by the physician evaluating the diving candidate for diving suitability when a physician’s approval to dive is necessary) or the Diving Medical Guidance forms (a peer-referenced guide for physicians seeking additional information regarding how specific conditions relate to diving).

Downloads for Physicians

The forms are all part of the new Recreational Diving Medical Screening System, which was designed to allow all who can safely scuba dive to do so, but also to encourage those with possible health risks to be medically evaluated for their fitness to dive before getting into trouble. The system is endorsed by UHMS, WRSTC, DAN, dive training agencies, and many other organisations.